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KSL Series (KSL8, KSL12)

KSL Flying Frame set 

KSL Compression Set

XSL Series (XSL8, XSL12)

XSL Flying Frame set 

XSL Top Mounting Frame

SL Sub

SL Aiming Plate (Z5707)


V Series (V8, V12)

V Series Flying Frame

V Stack Adaptor

V Sub

V Series (V7P, V10P)

VP Flying Adapter (Z5384)

VP Flying Adapter Link (Z5551)

VP Horizontal Bracket (Z5388)

Y Series (Y8, Y12)

Y Series Flying Frame

Y Series Flying Bracket/Ground Plate

Y Series (Y7P, Y10P)

YP Horizontal Bracket (Z5398)


T 10

T Series Flying Frame

T Series Cluster Bracket/Base Plate

T Horizontal Bracket (Z5372)



M4 Flying Bracket (Z5056)


E8 (Black)

E8 (White)

E8 Horizontal Bracket (Z5351)


Rota Clamp (Z5147.001)

Front Fill Plates

Amplifiers - d&b







Genelec 8020 Active 2-way Powered Speaker

Behringer Eurolive B205D Powered Speaker

Teqsas Dual Laser Inclinometer System (XLR)

Recline Remote Dual Inclinometer System (Ethercon)

iSEMic 760TR Measurement Microphone

Line 6 XD75 2.4GHz Kit

Mains Distribution Units

125A TPN Distribution 2x63ATPN, 2x32ATPN  Rackmounted

63A TPN RCBO Distribution - 9x16ASPN 1xSocapex 3x32ASPN 1x32ATPN

63A TPN RCBO Distribution -  2x32ATPN 3x32ASPN 12x16ASPN Rackmounted

32A TPN Distribution 10x20A Powercon Rackmounted



Fibre Multicore 100m (2x Neutrik OpticalCON Duo, 4x Cat5e Ethercon,

12 Way AES & 32A Mains)

Control Multicore 100m (6x Cat6e Ethercon, 12 Way AES Veam, 32ASPN)

Hybrid Multicore 100m 8x AES XLR, 4x Ethercon, 16A Mains

HMA Dual Drum Optocore Multicore 150m

HMA Single Drum Optocore Multicore 150m

HMA Optocore Cable - 5m

Dual MADI 100m Drum

3-Way 64 Channel Passive Split

3-Way 32 Channel Passive Split

56 Way Stage Snake System

16-Way Stage Snake

8-Way Stage Snake

Ethercon 100m

XLR 100m


AKG C214 Condenser (Cardioid)

AKG C418 Clip-On Condenser (Hypercardioid)

AKG C451 B Condenser (Cardioid)

AKG C519 Clip-On Condenser (Cardioid)

AKG C747 Condenser (Shotgun)

AKG SE300b CK91/93/98 Condenser Microphone

Audix D6 Dynamic (Cardiod)

Audix i5 Dynamic Microphone

Beyerdynamic M201TG (HyperCardioid)

Beyerdynamic M88 (HyperCardioid)

BSS Active DI Box

C2 Condenser Microphone

Countryman B3 Microphone (Black or Beige) (Omni)

DDrum4 Module

DPA 4060 Miniature Condenser Microphone (Black) (Omni) (XLR/Mini Jack)

DPA 4066 Miniature Headworn Microphone (Beige) (Omni) (XLR/Mini Jack)

DPA 4099 Instrument Microphone (Cardioid) (XLR/Mini Jack)

EMO Stereo DI Box

Klark Teknik DN200 Active Stereo DI Box

Neumann KM184 Condenser (Cardioid)

Radial Hotshot DM-1 Foot Switch

Radial J48 Active Mono DI Box

Radial J48 Active Stereo DI Box

Radial JDI Passive Stereo DI Box

Radial Pro D2 Passive Stereo DI Box

Rode NT55 Condenser (Cardioid or Omni)

Roland Trigger RT-10 K/S/T

Rolls MM11 Pro Foot Switch

Sennheiser e845s Dynamic Switched (Supercardioid)

Sennheiser E604 Dynamic (Cardioid)

Sennheiser E904 Dynamic (Cardioid)

Sennheiser e945 Dynamic (Supercardioid)

Sennheiser MD421 Dynamic (Cardioid)

Sennheiser MKH416 P48  Shotgun

Shure Beta 52A Dynamic (Supercardioid)

Shure Beta 57A Dynamic (Supercardioid)

Shure Beta 58A Dynamic (Supercardioid)

Shure Beta 91(A) Condenser (Halfcardioid)

Shure Beta 98-D Condenser (Supercardioid)

Shure KSM9 Condenser (Cardioid or Supercardioid)

Shure SH55 Dynamic Vintage Microphone (Cardioid)

Shure SM57 Dynamic (Cardioid)

Shure SM58 Dynamic (Cardioid)

Shure SM58 Switched Dynamic (Cardioid)

Shure SM81 Condenser (Cardioid)

Headphones/Personal Monitoring

Shure P9HW Wired Personal Monitor

Fischer Stereo Wired IEM Belt Pack

Shure SE425 Generic In Ear Headphones

Shure SE315 Generic In Ear Headphones

Shure SE115 Generic In Ear Headphones

Shure SCL2 Generic In Ear Headphones

Beyer DT100 Headphones

Sennheiser HD201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones

Sony MDR 7506/7509/7520 Headphones


Apple iPad

TP-link EAP 225 Outdoor AC1200 Wireless Access Point

TP-link EAP 225 Outdoor A610 Wireless Access Point

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Web Cam

G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile SSD R-Series Hard Drive 500GB

Eaton 5 - 1150i VA Rack 1U UPS

APC Smart 1500VA Rack 2U UPS

Tractel Black 1000kg 12m Hand Chainblock

Defender Mini Cable Ramp (1m)

Lectern Perspex Frosted

Laser Technology TruPulse 360°B

Clearsonic 5 or 7 Panel 5' Drum Screen c/w Roof

Lighting Control

Avolites Quartz Lighting Console

6 Channel DMX Control Desk

DMX Buffer 4-Way (3Pin & 5Pin)


Intelligent Lighting

Prolights Diamond 19 Moving LED Wash Fixture

Prolights SmartBat Plus - IP Rated Wireless LED Uplighter

ProLights SmartBat Plus T-1 DMX Transceiver 2.4 GHz

i-Pix BB4 LED Wash

Martin Acrobat Moving Mirror Intelligent Fixture


Generic Lighting

Spotlight DMX Controlled FresneLED Luminaire Compact 100w Warm White

ProLights DMX Controlled LED Profile 100W, 25-50 Deg

Strand Quartet 650w Fresnel (c/w Barn Doors)

Source 4 Junior 25/50 (575W)

Zero 88 Beta Pack Dimmer 32A SPN Rackmounted (2x6x15A)


Miscellaneous Lighting

Unique 2.1 DMX Controllable Haze Machine

Robert Juliat 575W MSD Buxie Followspot

3.5m Lighting Stand (c/w 1.5m Scaff Bar)

Festoon 25m (1.5m Spacing)

Emergency Maintained Exit Light


Pipe & Drape

Easydrape Adjustable Horizontal Pole (1.8m - 3m)

Easydrape Adjustable Upright Pole (1.75m - 3m)

Easydrape BWS Drape Velcro (3m - 4m)

Easydrape Baseplate

Wireless Microphone Systems 


Axient AD4D G56 Quad System (470.150 - 636.000MHz)

Axient AD4D G56 Dual System (470.150 - 636.000MHz)

Axient AD Quad Receiver (470.150 - 636.000MHz)

Axient AD Dual Receiver (470.150 - 636.000MHz)

Axient AD Belt Pack

Axient AD Beta 58A Handheld (Supercardioid)

Axient AD KSM8 Handheld (Dualdyne Cardioid)

Axient AD KSM9 Handheld (Cardioid or Supercardioid)

SBRC Rackmount Battery Charger


EM6000 Dante 2-Channel Digital Reciever (470-714MHz)

SK6000 BK A1-A4 Beltpack  (470-558MHz)

SK6000 BK A5-A8 Beltpack  (550-714MHz)

SKM6000 BK A1-A4 Handheld M435 Capsule (470-558MHz)

SKM6000 BK A5-A8 Handheld M435 Capsule (550-638MHz)

L6000 Rack-mountable 4-way Charger

EM2050 Dual Receiver GBw (606-678MHz)
SKM2000 c/w MD9235

ASA1 Distribution Amplifier

G3 EW312 GB UHF Belt Pack System (606.000-648.000MHz)

G3 EW335/365 GB UHF 835/865 Handheld System (Cardioid)

SKP 2000 GW Plug On Transmitter (558-626MHz)


Wireless IEMS


PSM1000 P10T IEM System Dual Transmitter G10E (470-542 MHz)

PSM1000 IEM Dual Transmitter G10E (470-542 MHz)

PA421(A) Combiner

PA421SWB PSM Antenna Combiner

SR2050 IEM Dual Tx (AW+ 470-558MHz GW 558-626MHz)

EK2000 IEM Rx (AW 516-558MHz GW 558-626MHz)

AC3200 II 8-way Combiner

A5000CP Antenna

Mixing Consoles/Control Systems


Quantum SD7T Console/HMA Optics

Quantum 338 Console/HMA Optics

SD10 Console/HMA Optics/Stealth Core 2

SD12 Console/HMA Optics/Stealth Core 2

Waves DMI Card

Dante DMI Card


SD-Rack/HMA Optics – 56 (32bit) ins/8 analogue outs

SD-Rack/HMA Optics – 56 (32bit) ins/40 analogue outs/16 AES outs

SD - 32bit/8ch mic preamp input card

SD - 32bit/8ch analogue output card

SD - 8ch analogue output card

SD - 8ch AES output card


DS10 Audio Network Bridge

DS100 Signal Engine

En-Scene Software Licence

En-Space Software Licence


CL5 Digital Mixing Console

QL5 Digital Mixing Console

QL1 Digital Mixing Console

MY16-EX Ethersound Card

Dante MY16-AUD Card


ML8 Pre-Amplifier


Rio 3224-D Stage Box

Rio 3224-D2 Stage Box

Allen & Heath

dLive S5000 Digital Mixing Console

dLive CT1500 Digital Mixing Console

dLive DM64 Stage Box

DX168 Stage Box


Soundcraft EPM 12 Channel Analogue Mixer

Behringer 12 Channel FX Mixer

Behringer 6 Channel Mixer

Tuning Capture Dongle

Nuendo Live Dongle

Neutrik SPDIF - AES Impedance Transformer

ADM9 Active Nearfield Reference Monitors (pair)

Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processor (V2)

Octa Capture USB Audio Interface

Quad Capture USB Audio Interface

Zoom Portable Recorder

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 12.3-Inch Tablet

Midi to DMX Converter

Zoom Portable Recorder

Acer 15.6" Laptop 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD


QLab Audio & Video Dual Redundancy Playback System

QLab Audio & Video Playback System

Apple Mac Mini 3GHz Dual-Core Intel i7 16GB LPDDR3 SDRAM 1TB SSD

Apple Mac Mini 3.6GHz Quad-Core Intel i3 8GB DDR4 SDRAM 128GB SSD

Apple Mac Mini 2.3GHz Quad-Core Intel i7 4GB DDR3 SDRAM SSD

XDante-1 Network Audio Changeover System

XUSB-2 KVM Audio Changeover System

Nemesis Dante Switchover Unit

Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Playback Control Switcher



Rack Station MCR12

Ethernet Switch 8 PoE +1 Port SW81

Belt Pack 4 Channel BPX

Belt Pack 4 Channel Wireless WBPX

Wireless Antenna WAA

Battery Charger 6-Way BC6

Battery NRGP

Comms Base Station - 2 Channel

Sennheiser HMD 46-3-6 Comms Headset Double Ear

Tecpro Comms Headset/Telephone (Single/Dual)

Tecpro Comms Belt Pack (Single)

Tecpro Comms Belt Pack (Dual)

HME DX200 Wireless Comms Base Station (BS200)

HME DX200 Wireless Comms Belt Pack & Headset (BP200)

Hytera RD625 Digital 2 Channel Repeater 1-25W UHF 400-470MHz

Motorola DP4400E UHF Radio

Motorola DP4400E Remote Speaker Mic

Motorola D-Shaped Earpiece

Motorola Surveilance Two Wire with Acoustic Tube

Motorola DP4400E Six Unit Charger

Motorola DP4400E Single Unit Charger


Induction Loop Driver ILD4 (Cable not included)

Induction Loop Driver ILD9 (Cable not included)

Loop Amp Cable (100m 1.0mm Link Guage Wire)




Loudspeaker Stand 3m Wind Up (Black)

Loudspeaker Stand 2m Wind Up (Black)

Loudspeaker Stand (Black)

Loudspeaker Stand Round Based (Black)

Loudspeaker Stand (White)

Loudspeaker Pole (Black)

Loudspeaker Pole Wind Up (Black)

Microphone Stand (Black Normal)

Loudspeaker Pole (White)

Microphone Stand (Black Super Tall 4-5m)

Microphone Stand (Black Normal)

Microphone Stand (Round Based)

Microphone Stand (Round Based Quick Grip)

Scaff Clamp Mic Support

Lectern Microphone Clamp

258 Wedge stand

Audix Device/K&M Gooseneck/Microphone Clamp

Table Top Stand (Black)

Tank Trap

3m Scaffold Poles

Video Projectors

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 20,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 18,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 16,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 14,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 12,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco, HDX-FLEX HD 10,000 Lumens (DLP)

Barco HDX Lens

Canon XEED WUX6010 6000 Lumens

Canon XEED 0.8:1 Lens

Canon XEED 1.49-2.24:1 Standard Zoom Lens

Panasonic, PT-TW350 WXGA 3300 Lumens

Lumens PS752 Visualiser


Video Projection Screens

Fastfold 13' x 7'3.75" Front or Rear Projection Screen

Fastfold 10'8" x 6' Front or Rear Projection Screen

Fastfold 8' x 4'6" Front or Rear Projection Screen


Video Display Screens

Panasonic 65" LCD Screen - TH-55LFE8

Unicol Parabella Stand

42" Portrait Plasma Screen

LCD 27” Touch Screen

Samsung 22" LED 1080p HD Display


Video Convertors/Adaptors

DVI/VGA Distribution Amplifiers & Cat5 Systems

Blackmagic Micro Converter HDMI - SDI/SDI - HDMI

Decimator MD-HX HDMI-SDI Converter

Kramer HDMI 4K 2.0 1:4 DA

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