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No two events are the same, but each requires a wide range of elements to be coordinated.

By using our experienced production team to provide

a complete production package, you can be certain each element

is integrated and managed without the associated headaches.

Our production package covers the following:

  • Audio

  • Lighting

  • Video and Projection

  • Webcasting

  • Mains Power Distribution

  • Transport Logistics

  • Rigging

  • Staging

  • Recording

  • Broadcast

  • Set Design & Construction

  • Draping

  • Crewing

  • Heating

  • Marquees & Structures

  • Backline

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Event Production
Monteverdi Orchestra & Choir
Premier League
Shakespeare's Rose Theatre
Soho Farmhouse
Dame Edna
Boundless Festival
Swan Lake
Shakespeare's Rose Theatre
Winter Wonderland - Hyde Park
Word Alive
SRT Blenheim
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