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Southby Productions is a leading installer of audio, video and lighting equipment.

We offer a wide range of solutions from speaker systems, amplifiers,

mixing desks, microphones, video and projection systems.

Our installs team are highly experienced and work in an eclectic mix of venues

including clubs, theatres, churches, concert halls, conference centres and cinemas.

We work closely with you from conception through to design and implementation,

offering an unparalleled level of after sales support, education and training.

See below for a selection of some of our recent projects


The World’s highest resolution d&b Soundscape installation, stretching across Thursford's 40-metre stage and immersing the audience in two aligned 360° fields. The system includes delay lines, 360-pickups, and a tracking package with TiMax tags.

Thursford for Website.jpg


We designed and installed a fully immersive, multi-tier d&b Soundscape System custom fitted throughout the London Coliseum. 

The system was designed to enhance the commercial options in the space, opening it up to theatre, musicals and pop acts in a way never before possible.

London Eye


The World’s first d&b Soundscape Theme Park. A magical, mysterious village full of play and home to nine clans ruled by Lord Elfwin, King of Lilidorei who lives in Elfwin Drin, the biggest play structure in the world. When you visit Lilidorei, you can create your own narrative; visit the clan houses, play on the world’s largest play structure, take part in daily activities and join in with the fully immersive audio story.

Lili No text.jpg


We designed and installed an integrated sound and lighting system with T10 (L/C/R), 21S-Subs, E6 Lipfills, 5S Delays, M6 Monitors and a full lighting system with unified QSC Control. We oversaw every aspect of the solution from system design to installation to training for Birmingham University Staff.

London Eye


We undertook a one-year re-wire and AV installation across multiple interconnected rooms.


Due to the Grade 1 listing, special attention to detail and a close working relationship with Historic England and the architects was paramount.


We designed and installed a surround sound solution for the London Eye’s 4D Cinema in London’s historic County Hall. Special consideration and design planning was made to the acoustic effects on the hotel rooms above the cinema.

London Eye


A multimillion pound restoration project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund in collaboration with architectural designer and ‘father of modern architectural minimalism’ John Pawson CBE, acclaimed visual artist Es Devlin and awarding-winning architectural practice Thomas Ford & Partners. Full concert touring audio system and video solution installed. 


A complete d&b refurbishment of the Oval Space and new build of Pickle Factory club including the design of a floating club within a club in order to reduce the noise escaping to nearby residents and offices.

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